Another traditional ATR IPAS FORUM comes to a successful end!

Around 230 ATR shareholders and IPAS suppliers held around 700 discussions during the forum. "Speed dating" for companies at its best!

Stuttgart, 20 November 2023 - The event took place once again in Berlin at the Hotel ESTREL, where ATR offered their shareholders and IPAS suppliers a platform to hold strategic face-to-face meetings, strengthen existing relationships, identify further business potential and forge new business partnerships.

The event centered around 43 meeting booths for 35-minute face-to-face meetings between ATR shareholders and International Preferred ATR Suppliers. (IPAS Suppliers).

The large number of attendees is a testament to the successful format of the event - a recurring forum established in 2006 that emphasizes personal interaction between our shareholders and IPAS suppliers.

"There is no substitute for face-to-face dialogue."
"The IPAS Forum is unique in its kind. Unlike conventional trade fairs or conferences, we prioritize active personal contact between our shareholders and IPAS suppliers," says Warren Espinoza, CEO of ATR International AG. "Face-to-face meetings have always been the cornerstone of effective communication and collaboration. They build trust, foster creativity and strengthen relationships in a way that virtual interactions simply cannot replicate. These meetings provide a level of connection that transcends digital boundaries and builds trust that is often difficult to establish virtually."

While the formal meetings once again provided the perfect opportunity for structured discussions and leveraging existing business potential, the informal breaks and popular evening program allowed for spontaneous relationship building and strengthening of existing business relationships.
By working with our IPAS suppliers, ATR and its partners have forged the most trusted partnerships that will carry their global success far into the future.

IPAS concept knows only winners.
The idea behind the IPAS concept introduced in 2005 is to establish an IPAS supplier portfolio that is as standardized as possible. In this way, product ranges can be better bundled.

IPAS Awards
This year, new on the program was the IPAS Awards. It was a momentous occasion where ATR had the privilege of recognizing and honoring their best-performing IPAS suppliers of 2023 in three distinguished categories: "Excellence in Logistics," "Excellence in Marketing," and "Excellence in Innovation." In addition, ATR took great pride in presenting the "Supplier of the Year" Award.

We would like to congratulate the winners:

Excellence in Logistics – Bosch. Bosch has attained excellence in logistics representing an amazing accomplishment in this difficult and very sophisticated field with its many obstacles.

Excellence in Marketing – Schaeffler. Schaeffler emerged as the leading contender in the category Marketing, having been assessed on various facets, including product branding, year-round marketing initiatives, active support for ATR shareholders in events like trade shows, and a demonstrated proficiency and dedication to ATR's workshop concepts, also in terms of training competence.

Excellence in Innovation – Bosch. Bosch were recognised as an innovation leader who guides us into the future through their development of new technologies and solutions for the challenges of tomorrow.

Supplier of the Year 2023 – Elring Klinger. Elring Klinger demonstrated excellence across all categories while also fostering robust partnerships with ATR shareholders and the ATR headquarters. This recognition is a testament to their outstanding performance and collaborative approach.

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About ATR:

ATR was founded in 1967. At that time, five leading trading companies in the independent automotive parts trade in Germany joined together to form a strong community.

ATR International AG, based in Stuttgart, was founded in 1999 and is the continuation of this idea and a response to changing corporate and market structures in Europe. Today, 42 shareholders with more than 286 trading companies from 62 countries are members of ATR International AG and generated a trading turnover of 33.85 billion euros in 2022. The combined companies are among the market leaders in their home countries.

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