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DENSO’s European 2023 League of True Mechanics competition has begun!

  • The League of True Mechanics (LOTM) competition combines technical training with a top prize worth €2,000, to give technicians throughout Europe the opportunity to be named regional champion, and potentially, take the overall crown! 

“We introduced the LOTM in 2020 to provide a little friendly competition to run alongside high quality training and assessment modules to help technicians increase their technical knowledge and improve their overall skillset,” said DENSO Europe, Pan European Strategic Marketing Manager, Fatiha Laauich, “and it became an instant hit with professionals across Europe. 

“Although the study courses from the previous year’s competitions remain on the LOTM area on our e-Learning platform because they are still useful and relevant, to keep the competition fresh and present important additional technical content, we introduce new modules every year. So, this year, we have a new PowerEdge wiper blade course, an air conditioning compressors module, another on the basic steps of air conditioning servicing and a focus on cabin air filters. 

“The DENSO e-learning programme provides detailed technical information and the interactive online courses that the LOTM competition is based on relies on technicians studying the material and a final exam, during which they have the opportunity to win DENSO coins. These coins are awarded by correctly answering the question posed by a ‘mini quiz’ that periodically appears within the modules and then in the final exam at the end. 

“The PowerEdge course is particularly interesting as the brand is not part of the conventional DENSO range, but developed to cater for the growing demand for a cost effective solution manufactured to satisfy aftermarket standards and specifications. The wipers are available in both contemporary flat blade and conventional designs, packaged in paperboard cartons to reduce their environmental impact and each range features 12-part numbers, to provide a competitive, high value aftermarket solution. 

“The number of DENSO coins earned during the year decides the technician’s overall position in the competition, as well as providing them with the opportunity to win several fabulous prizes, with the top placed regional finishers’ award this year worth €2,000! 

“In addition, all of the regional winners will be entered into the draw to find who will become the overall European 2023 LOTM champion. So, we urge technicians across the continent to register today and put themselves in with a chance of winning this fantastic competition.” 

Registering for the e-Learning platform is free and straightforward, as technicians simply sign up via the DENSO Aftermarket website – denso-am.eu – and while there, they can also sign up to the 2023 LOTM competition.