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The IAM (Independent Aftermarket) has already gained momentum in digitalisation and has produced the first industry-specific digital solutions. Predominantly, standalone, local or closed solutions have been developed that have failed to gain traction, such as dealer management software (DMS), fleet management software, catalog systems, workshop booking systems and telematics solutions.

A solution to bring all these systems together does not currently exist. This costs workshops and all other participants in the value chain vital time.

Further system integrations are planned and will be implemented iteratively into the global open system solution, so that the complete IAM sales channel can be secured and expanded. The open system approach means that Repdate does not replace existing solutions (workshop booking, dongle, additional data and services, etc.), but integrates and enhances them.

In the medium or long term, a global, relevant eco-system will be established, which will bring together all the main systems of the IAM in a bracket, where many processes will be optimized and in part completely automated. The integration on company websites and apps is carried out in a very low-threshold manner, which means that minimal effort is required on the part of customers.

Goals of Repdate for the IAM

Benefits for the target groups

  • Car drivers can conveniently make workshop appointments around the clock via smartphone, tablet or computer and can enter relevant data themselves in advance.
  • Vehicles that are capable of transmitting data automatically can transfer the relevant information directly into the system to speed up the workshop visit.
  • Repdate gives vehicle owners a high level of price transparency - they know roughly what to expect and there are no nasty unpleasant.
  • Drivers get an overview of directly bookable workshops that can solve their problem and can make a suitable selection themselves.
  • Workshops can be reached 24/7, increase their visibility online and do not lose work due to busy phone lines.
  • All relevant data for maintenance, servicing and repairs is retrieved online before the appointment - or automatically transferred to the workshop via telematics data.
  • Reminder functions for customers can be used to distribute seasonal services, such as tire changes, to minimize peak times. Reminders also increase customer loyalty and minimize the no-show rate.
  • Suggesting additional suitable products and services during the online booking process can increase sales without much effort.
  • Workshops gain fleet operators, roadside assistance and insurance companies as new target groups who expect easy online booking as standard. The workshop and service search can be tailored to their.
  • The workshop can optionally generate an automatic cost estimate in the booking process, which minimizes much of the administrative work.
  • Workshops can avoid discussions and price justifications, as they have the option to set prices at the time of booking and customers agree in advance.
  • Workshops present themselves to their customers and competitors as a modern high-tech service provider with a transparent service description and up-to-date offers.
  • Fleet operators can use Repdate to prompt their drivers to book one of their partner workshops online as needed, either automatically or with a single click.
  • Complete plannability of the fleet through a simple overview of the fleet condition to avoid breakdowns due to necessary repair and maintenance measures.
  • Fleet operators can optimize their fleet based on available data on the usage behavior of their vehicles.
  • Leasing providers can easily view the leased vehicle's condition at any time and respond if necessary.
  • Usage-based contract models can be viewed in real time and suitable offers for a new contract or a lease extension can be submitted according to the customer's needs.
  • Leasing providers can request their customers to book one of their partner workshops online, either automatically or with a click.
  • The status of the vehicle, including the exact type of vehicle and possible cause of the breakdown, is transmitted to the automobile club's breakdown service staff as soon as the order is received.
  • This enables the targeted deployment of the appropriate service/towing vehicle and the required spare parts prior to arrival.
  • The breakdown technicians can offer the driver the right (partner) workshop for the repair, including availability, with just one click.
  • In the event of a claim, the insurance company can automatically recommend or request partner workshops for its customers to book online (across concepts/workshops).
  • Driving behavior can be analyzed. Based on this, suitable insurance packages can be developed and offered to customers.
  • Through Repdate, new business models such as full service and tire changes can be automated internally. Customers can easily book selected partner workshops online themselves.
  • Up-to-date, necessary vehicle data is made available through Repdate. This shortens the duration of customer phone calls, incorrect information is reduced, and the hotline is relieved in many ways due to the online referral to partner workshops.
  • Securing the Independent Aftermarket
  • Repdate empowers ITGs and partners to fully digitize the IAM value chain. This secures the IAM sales channel and empowers optimization and planning all the way to logistics.
  • New digital developments and solutions can be easily integrated via standardized interfaces and this in every stage of the value chain, e.g. upselling.
  • Modern fully digitalized companies in IAM make it difficult or impossible for participants from outside the industry to enter the classic IAM.
  • Workshop concept owners enable their workshops to become bookable online. Existing systems, including booking solutions, can be easily integrated into the Repdate environment. Missing modules can be integrated with just one interface if needed.
  • Visibility in new channels, increased customer loyalty, better accessibility, optimized workshop utilization as well as up-selling effects can be used to increase sales.
  • Concept workshops present themselves to their customers and competitors as a modern high-tech service provider with a transparent service description and up-to-date offers.

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