The ATR Digitisation

Digitisation in the IAM

Markets and market participants change immensely fast in times of digitalization. The increasing degree of digitalisation in all industries also affects the Independent Aftermarket (IAM).

The founding of ATR Digitisation GmbH in January 2021 shows how important the topic of digitalisation in the IAM is for ATR. In this unit, digital topics are developed for shareholders, suppliers, but also for third parties, which support, complement or expand the existing IAM sales channel with new developments. With the goal of securing the entire value chain of the independent aftermarket (suppliers, wholesalers, retailers and workshops), against the strong activities of competitors away from the IAM.

Holistic view

ATR Digitisation continuously keeps an eye on the entire value creation process, because only a holistic view ensures long-term success. ATR Digitisation focuses on a personal and cooperative exchange to implement shared projects in a targeted manner.


Within ATR Digitisation GmbH solutions for IAM are identified, developed, and implemented.

Projects that are currently being implemented in the market:

ATR Digital Expert Panel

Digital Steering Committee

ATR has implemented a panel of experts, the Digital Steering Committee. The Digital Steering Committee is a panel that drives digital solutions for ATR shareholders. Its tasks are in particular:

  • Developing concepts for digital business models for ATR shareholders and, where applicable, the IAM in general.

  • Observation of current and future market developments in the area of digitalisation around the IAM

  • Identification & evaluation of potential service providers and partners

Become a supporter

Benefits for supporters

  • Partner companies receive preferential treatment in digital developments and are the first to receive the gained insights
  • •Additional access to international market and digital topics via established structures
  • Access to the open source platform Repdate incl. preferred support for questions/ solution support for interfaces
  • Derivation of trends from processed vehicle data obtained through digital solutions
  • Securing sales channels - as an important building block for future customer loyalty
  • Securing the future of IAM / our industry

Would you also like to help shape the digital direction of the IAM and continuously be on board with new developments from the very beginning? If so, please contact us without obligation at and we will get back to you shortly to discuss possible starting points.