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Securing Customer Data in Workshops, Garages

General Data Protection Regulation is now in full effect since Spring 2018 in the EU. Now, all EU companies handling customers personal information are required to handle the information with care in nearly every way, including basic contact information such as name, email and phone numbers. There are also stiff penalties and fines for violating these new laws (in some cases up to 4% of a companies´ global turnover) and companies are looking for ways to protect and anonymize all data. Mostly, keeping the trust of the customer is important for customer retention and bring a foreseen value from the customer viewpoint.  

Companies have also hired or installed current employees with the task of becoming their GDPR Officer, dealing with compliance and creating new policies and new practices that must be in place since May 2018. This can mean a lot of new work and overhauls to existing company practices. Many workshops and garages are often working with paperwork and work orders on customer accounts that changes hands numerous times with personal data showing costs and prices. But, according to an article published, “On desks and workplaces, neither order files with customer data nor picture scripts may be freely visible to anyone.” 

Why abandon these standard industry practices and create more unnecessary workload for your company employees when Eichner provides a patent solution with their easy care ‘secure’ service boards. With camouflage film to scramble images and data, while still allowing only direct employees handling data to see data content. Workshop employees are busy enough caring for the customers and should focus on their work rather than worry about protecting data from outside viewing. This product solves both issues and offers a standard that has not been needed in the workplace in our rapidly changing work environments. 

EICHNER offers you versatile and comprehensive documentation solutions that can considerably simplify your everyday processes. Here you will find the order bag "Secure" with encrypted address field: