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Count on customer retention with EICHNER

The German automotive industry currently faces many new challenges – from bureaucratic issues such as the new European data protection regulation to high-tech developments like telematics. Not only are they complex, these areas are to some extent also interdependent, and the mutual interactions must be considered and discussed with differentiation. The highest priority is not to lose contact with customers and – as the complexity of services grows – to increase confidence in your own business.

Especially in telematics and e-mobility, i.e. when dealing with new car customers, promising sales potential faces competitive and investment-related risks. This target group is expected to gain importance, in particularly in view of the current public debates on the environment and the banning of diesel vehicles. CarGarantie released a study titled “More profit through customer loyalty”, which showed that new car customers have a sales potential of approx. €71,600 and profit contributions in sales and service worth around €4,100 within a ten-year retention period. More than half of this can be generated from service business. 

According to the study, streamlining processes plays a decisive role here. In particular, the right combination of planning tools guarantees a smooth workflow – without any capacity or information loss. This is where planning board systems come into play: Depending on the intended use and size of operation, they can be implemented as workshop planners for resource planning and to keep an overview of orders. They present key data such as target dates, responsibilities, work progress or availability in a clear and concise manner. EICHNER offers many different variants, accessories and expansion possibilities here to ensure the greatest customisability.

From conventional planning boards for service boards and insert/T-Card system boards to workflow visualisation, card planners and document boards as structuring aids – there are no limits to the possibilities of these planning tools. For examples of configurations, multi-purpose boards and possible uses, please visit:

We can also make customised products on request and after in-depth consultation. No matter how many rows, columns or index segments you need or how large you need them – EICHNER can custom make organisational solutions to meet your specific requirements!

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