NRF opens new 30.000 m2 European Distribution Center

NRF is a leading supplier of engine cooling and climate control parts for the automotive aftermarket. Last year, NRF went beyond cooling with introducing several sensor groups. The total offer exists of more than 11.000 references, which is rapidly growing. Combined with the increasing amount of partners, NRF realized that they need to enlarge their warehouses at all their locations. The latest development is the current opening of the 30.000 m2 in Gdansk, Poland.

The new warehouse in Gdansk is the biggest European warehouse with engine cooling and air conditioning stock. It contains a total volume of 30.000 m2 and is 12 meters high. It has 33.000 bulk locations and 12.000 pick locations. The location was newly built, so the entire warehouse configuration was built from scratch. Also for small parts, like thermostats and sensors, there are dedicated picking locations. The new location also includes a brand-new office, testing facilities and their own workshop.

Next to development in Poland, NRF increased their warehouse space in the Netherlands, Spain, Italy and France during 2022.

Zbigniew Ruba, Commercial Director Aftermarket at NRF: “I am extremely proud of this development. With this new warehouse, we have the space we need for the predicted growth in the coming years. The large warehouse space means that we have a continuous high availability of our products. In this way, our customers, the distributors, can guarantee perfect availability for the workshops.”

Watch the movie to view the entire construction process: