Installation material
Installation material (Source: HELLA)

Automotive electrics: HELLA offers a comprehensive portfolio of tools and installation materials

  • Over 1,400 products in OEM quality in the range
  • Support for workshops during repairs and products in OEM quality

Lippstadt, Germany, June 7, 2021 - The lighting and electronics expert HELLA supports independent workshops not only with the appropriate spare parts, but also with a broad range of installation materials. "As a friend of the independent workshop, we have made it our to provide independent workshops with comprehensive support in their daily work - with the aim of with the aim of making their business more profitable and efficient," says Jörg Harjes, Head of Marketing Independent Aftermarket at HELLA.

Whether repairing or installing accessories, electrics and Electronics involved. "Insulating cables, securing wiring harnesses or replacing interfaces - how these activities were carried out shows whether a professional was at work. That's why we offer workshops first-hand repair support and OEM-quality products. OEM quality first-hand," says Harjes.

The HELLA range in the "electrical vehicle installation" sector comprises over 1,400 products - from fuses, fuse holders, fuse boxes and automatic circuit breakers to (ISO 6722) automotive cables, various cable connectors and plug-in connections to a wide range of insulation, cable clamps and crimping tools. Optional optional assortment cases also ensure order and a clear overview. The entire range is in the new brochure "Electrical Vehicle Installation", which is available in the HELLA TechWorld or can alternatively be ordered from the Customer Service Center. Customer Service Center. More information on the individual products is also available to independent workshops at HELLA TechWorld at

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HELLA GmbH & Co. KGaA, Lippstadt, Germany: HELLA is a listed, global family-owned family-owned company with over 125 locations in around 35 countries. With sales of 5.8 billion euros in fiscal year 2019/2020 and 36,000 employees, HELLA is one of the world's HELLA is one of the world's leading automotive suppliers. Specializing in innovative lighting systems and automotive electronics, HELLA has been an important partner to the automotive partner to the automotive industry and the aftermarket. In addition, HELLA develops, manufactures and HELLA's Special Applications segment develops, manufactures and sells lighting and electronic products for special special vehicles.

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