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Our Workshop-World

ATR is the central point of concepts of workshop and trade concepts, AC AUTO CHECK, Meisterhaft, autoPARTNER in Germany and ACC AUTO CHECK CENTER internationally. These Full-Service-Workshop concepts offer the entire spectrum which an independent garage needs to survive in the tendencies of a shrinking repair- and service market, keeping the know-how of personnel abreast with technical developments and to deal with the ever increasing complexity of motor vehicles, along with challenges in business management. In short: Being able to survive!

In close cooperation with industry, networks were created for garages to obtain existentially vital information or to have access to premium spare parts in original equipment quality.

At the same time, ATR is close to the market and is creating suitable marketing packages, meaning under the aspect of the so called “Regional Brand”. The degree of recognition of the brands AC AUTO CHECK and autoPARTNER is being combined with the reputable name of the professional at his location!

For example, it looks like this:


All of this creates ample room for service business owners which allows them to fully concentrate on their work, the customers and further development of their business.


The Challenge

To remain current with the technical state of the art becomes increasingly difficult for an independent garage. Beside an increasing number of models, reasons are the manifold technical innovations and changes in the customer attitude with respect to service and price orientated behavior. 

In Consequence

With respect to technical know-how, as well as in marketing, independent garages must keep on qualifying themselves. However there is little time next to performing the actual work, to care about advertising, customer loyalty, optimizing warehousing and data processing.


The Solution

 ATR Workshop Concepts with their wide range of service packages! The modular structure allows you to utilize the concept as a whole, but to also pick elements solely to fit your individual needs; this always with the certainty of being able to maintain and continue your independent and continued free of any ties service business.  

In planning your “Route” on the basis of our versatile building block assortment, our concept consultants will be at your side with active help and recommendations. They will ensure that all – your special work shop needs, are custom designed for your business and will lead you to new prosperity.