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The ATR International AG works with suppliers of the following product groups: 

  • automotive accessories
  • automotive electrical parts and automotive electronics
  • automotive workshop equipment
  • body parts 
  • chemical products, paints and cleaning agents 
  • quality tools 
  • wear and tear parts


As an international cooperation, ATR works the independent Aftermarket (IAM). It has business relations with a large number of all renowned suppliers.

These business relations are marked by partnership and ongoing closer coordination which comes as a consequence of the challenges in the market place. Current challenges are the growing complexity of the spare parts market and depth of technology, thus creating an additional necessity for information and training, as well as longer life cycles. It is the aim to ensure high end products of quality to the end consumer, to solidify the market position for all participants and last not least to grow together.

This is why ATR places strong emphasis on quality consciousness in selecting its suppliers, a clear commitment to the independent Aftermarket as well as a close cooperation with the ATR shareholders.