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ATR International AG
Foundation: 1999
Shareholders: 37
Sales turnover 2018: 
€ 23.7 bn

Auto-Teile-Ring GmbH
Foundation: 1967
Shareholders: 2
Private brand Cartechnic

Foundation: 2008
Workshop & trade concepts: 4

Sales turnover

Turnover growth 2000 - 2018


ATR is one of the biggest and most successful trade cooperations of leading distributors of the independent automotive parts market worldwide. 
Auto-Teile-Ring, ATR International AG and ATR SERVICE GmbH are united under the umbrella of ATR, resident in Stuttgart.  

The root of ATR was the foundation of the Auto-Teile-Ring GmbH (ATR) in 1967 by five leading enterprises of the independent automotive parts business in Germany. The reason for this partnership was to obtain a stronger position in the purchase of car parts, car accessories, and workshop equipment. Today, Auto-Teile-Ring GmbH owns all trademarks, amongst which is the successful and internationally renowned private brand, Cartechnic. It also passes the shares to the ATR International AG for their member shareholders. 


The foundation of ATR International AG in 1999 is the succession of this idea in a changed global market place and is the answer for growing internationalisation for procurement, exchange activities and services. 

ATR International AG is not a registered company at any stock exchange. All shareholders of ATR International AG are of equal rights and are leaders in their home markets. 

Concept Center

Founded in 2008, the ATR SERVICE GmbH is in charge of the workshop- and trade concepts AC AUTO CHECK, Meisterhaft and autoPARTNER. Since 2005 it is also responsible for the international workshop concept ACC AUTO CHECK CENTER which enjoys increasing interest. 

ATR offers an attractive and extensive spectrum of services:

  • Exchange of experience        
  • Purchasing coordination
    • Joint market analyses
    • Targeted product range policy
    • Private brand Cartechnic
  • Marketing services
    • National and international workshop and trade concepts
    • Training sessions

ATR as a union of strong partners with equal rights is capable to improve, enhance and solidify their competitive position for all members by concise purchasing- and marketing activities. It is the aim to gain market leadership in Europe and to be represented on all other continents, along with further enhancing services and to place brand independent car repair businesses into the position to become more competitive.